EdiPhy Advisors, formerly MedManagement, LLC, was founded in 1995 to provide clinical and financial management tools and resources to providers.  With a keen eye toward the ever-changing healthcare regulatory landscape, we identify the needs of health care providers and insurers, responding with valuable services and meaningful insights.

Our headquarters facility is located in Birmingham, AL. Our physician advisors are located virtually all over the country. Our secure IT systems allow physician advisors remote access to their assigned cases.

As the healthcare legal and regulatory landscape has changed, shifted and evolved, so has our offering of services. The cliché “necessity is the mother of invention” rings true as we monitor the healthcare regulatory landscape and listen carefully to clients’ challenges and goals. Examples of services added as a result of healthcare industry insights, analysis and client needs include: Nurse Reviews, Self-Audits, Compliance Plan Support, Corporate Integrity Agreement Support and IRO Services.