Client portal facilitates the data flow of physician advisor services


med-news-1 The screenshot above is an example of MedManagement’s client portal.  The link to the portal is on the MedManagement website,  For direct access to the portal, click here.  To maintain the security of the portal, the client notifies MedManagement of the individuals who require access rights to the portal.   A user name and password are then assigned by individual. The portal is a valuable tool in facilitating the exchange of data between MedManagement and its clients.  The portal provides clients quick access to the status of all concurrent utilization including level of care determinations and continued stay reviews. Utilization reports and invoices are available online in addition to current and archived newsletters and bulletins.  Also, the request for reviews and the associated medical records can be uploaded to the portal.  As we continue to add features to the portal that deliver benefit to clients, we would appreciate your feedback.  Please call Greg Meadows at 205-970-8818 or email him at


The client portal view above gives a more detailed look at the status of current and archived reviews.  One can sort by the date of the review to see where the review is in the process.  The portal can assist our clients in managing the physician advisor work flow process.  For example, a case shown as completed indicates the level of care determination letter has been sent back to the facility. When there is a shift change the “new” shift can access the portal and determine the cases that have been returned to the hospital and the cases that are outstanding.

Also, level of care determination letters can be accessed via the portal.  If your hospital would like to receive the completed level of care determination letters via the portal, please contact Greg Meadows at or call him at 205-970-8818.  Also, Greg would appreciate any suggestions or comments as the portal matures.  Your feedback is very important since the portal is designed and modified to meet client needs.


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