EdiPhy Advisors: Accountable Care Organization (ACO) Services

EdiPhy Advisors’ success depends on the success of our client organizations. One way we support our clients’ success is by accumulating and sharing leading edge information about resources and possibilities. While the ACO concept continues to evolve, EdiPhy Advisors leadership possesses extensive experience in the various components required to develop and manage an effective ACO: structure, systems, culture, clinical and financial integration, outcomes orientation, accountability mechanisms and performance measurements.

With ACOs gaining momentum in various parts of the country, many true practice associations (IPAs) are well-positioned to take a lead role in developing similar networks. Those IPAs operating as risk-bearing organizations for large patient populations have already established at least one critical success factor for moving to an ACO. In addition, IPAs that have leveraged IT for referrals, authorizations and utilization management most likely have the strong information technology infrastructure needed for success as part of an ACO.

EdiPhy Advisors’ culture of self-evaluation, continuous improvement and responsiveness positions us well for quality in this type of work. Secure HIPAA-compliant IT platforms afford our Care Coordination personnel the opportunity to access medical records to insure information sharing is taking place (to reduce / eliminate duplication of tests) and to follow up with individual patients relative to their care. Leveraging Care Coordination staff of EdiPhy Advisors frees up client clinical personnel to focus on delivering quality healthcare. EdiPhy Advisors is also experienced at capturing information required for ongoing, quarterly and annual reporting in compliance with CMS requirements. CMS regulations support their stated goal for Shared Savings ACOs:

1. Better care for individuals,
2. Better health for populations and
3. Lower growth in healthcare expenditures.

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