EdiPhy Advisors: Education & Training

Education & Training provided by EdiPhy Advisors

In order to support our clients in achieving their compliance and health utilization management goals, we listen and adapt. We listen to our clients when they enlist our help with cases. We listen to reports as trends are identified by our staff relative to specific attending physicians or case managers in a given facility. We listen to the healthcare environment and tap in to current legal and regulatory updates and guidance. Then, we interpret and share our insights with clients in a variety of ways, such as telephone conferences and webinars, on-site education programs, market-based educational forums and e-newsletters. We want our clients to be fast, adaptive and compliant while taking care of patients. Ongoing, relevant and adaptive education (EdiPhycation) results in being in compliance with CMS rules, regulations and guidelines as well as billing appropriately. Being in compliance results in avoiding legal and financial trouble in this realm. EdiPhy Advisors is committed to providing ongoing training and other forms of education to clients on a regular basis to continually improve CMS and commercial compliance results.

To support our clients in adapting to changing healthcare legislation, our physician advisors, RNs, appeals team, and data analysts maintain ongoing conversations with client staff. This results in day-to-day, one-on-one training as well as the identification of bigger-picture staff education needs so EdiPhy Advisors can design and deliver client-specific education (EdiPhycation). Meaningful education should be designed to provide assistance to practitioners and staff about how to operationalize regulatory requirements and to facilitate and monitor compliance. As such, EdiPhy Advisors provides timely education using the review of “real cases” at a given facility. This makes training practical and immediately applicable while also helping physicians and case managers understand how to address various clinical scenarios in the context of the regulations.

Hospitals that rely on in-house physician advisors face the additional responsibility of providing them with complete, up-to-date education. EdiPhy Advisors trains client physician advisors through a structured educational program uniquely designed for the in-house physician advisor. Our thorough, consistent and on-going education program equips in-house physician advisors with the knowledge and understanding to accurately apply CMS regulations and guidelines in the course and context of their reviews. In addition, we provide back-up remote staffing for in-house physician advisors as well as excess capacity for busy or critical time periods (such as when a number of cases present as the first midnight approaches or when vacation schedules necessitate additional qualified staff).

“You have to be fast on your feet and adaptive or else a strategy is useless.”

– Charles de Gaulle, first President of the French Fifth Republic after he led the Free French Forces during World War II.